Eco Range 

We are proud to launch our Eco Range which has been inspired by the changing world we live in and the global devastation caused by one off packaging.  

With our new Eco range we have re developed some of our most popular designs to have a more natural approach to help our customers combat the environmental impact one use packaging is having on our world. 

Our Eco range designs have all been edited to help change customers buying habits, as a nation we use so much cellophane, plastic bags, plastic ribbons-the list goes on and on! So with this in mind we hope that you choose to buy our Eco Range which will minimise packaging. 

Lets do this together! 



What to Expect.......

  • Our usual fab designs, beautifully arranged by trained Florists

  • Craft paper and coloured tissue paper rather than cellophane

  • Natural Raffia rather than plastic bows

  • String or raffia bindings

  • Simple card fastenings rather than plastic card holders

  • After care instructions and flower food as standard

  • Glass Vases rather than Aqua designs (design specific)

  • Our usual top class customer service, help and advice

We hope that you will help support this way of shopping so that we can develop more designs in the future